Mantrailing Intensive Weekend in Lauffen

Last weekend it took place: the first Mantrailing intensive weekend organized by Workfordogs and Augsburg-Mantrailing.

In short: it was great


We have trained in beautiful, partly history-rich surroundings such as In the Klosterhof, at Schloss Liebenstein, around the castle of the Palatinate, at the Neckar, in the old town with small alleys and many angles, but also in vineyards or at the golf course and through beer gardens.

The teams were put in many different situations where we could give you tips on how to react so that the trail can be successfully worked. This included e.g.

  • Classic: The right linen handling,
  • How to react when the dog is approached on the trail by passers-by
  • What to do when the dog is traveling privately
  • How to "Park" the dog if cars or cyclists come
  • Learning to keep quiet

And much more.

Besides training with your own dog, it is also very important to accompany other teams at work. Learning through watching – some teams have made it "click".

Conclusion: The training with two trainers in just one weekend has brought the human-dog-teams to a proper progress. I have also learned new things and am looking forward to the next trainings.