The Mantrailing App – new features for your virtual trainer

m-appThe Mantrailing App is in the wild now for more than a year. Compared to the first version the developer has improved the features and reliability of the app significantly. It is available on Apple and Android.

The Mantrailing App is a nice piece of technology which suits best all your needs to capture and document all the information related to the training with your search dogs.

With this app you can of course track your trail and put another layer below with the trail of the runner. But beside of this, the app provides some additional features that are under the hood and which we would like to give a little more attention here as you might have not realized them but really should give them a try:

Virtual Trainer

What if you and two other colleagues planned a training but on the last minute one of your training partners declined. Usually you are not able to run single blind trails as you are missing a third person as backup. With the virtual trainer, the Mantrailing App can act as your backup: The runner lays the trail and then sends his trail to your app on yourmobile. Once you loaded the runner trail you can start your dog and try to find your missing person. Once you exit a pre-defined corridor (say 50 Meters) around the runner trail, your virtual trainer will alarm and inform you that you lost the trail and need to work back.

Automatic Synchroisation

With the latest version you now have the opportunity to synchronize your training data among all your electronic devices (tablet, mobile etc). That is a really nice feature if you wish to recap today’s trails on the bigger display of your tablet.

Sharing of Training Data

Sharing of training data has become very easy. Just run the trail, hide in the woods and send the trail to the mobile of the search team and your training can begin.

Automatic Weather Data Capture

printAtmospheric data like wind speed, wind direction, rain fall, air pressure und many more is automatically loaded along with your training data, so you can analyze the result of your training in connection with different weather conditions.

Nice and Comprehensive Printouts

You need a hard copy of your training results. Just a click of a button away is the very nice looking and comprehensive training data printout.



Watch the video Tutorial for The Mantrailing App. 20 Minutes of in depth explanations of all the features of the Android version.

Get_it_on_Google_play-300x104If you are interested to install this App on your Android device from Google-Play, just follow this link:


Available_on_the_App_Store_black_SVG-300x89The iOS-Version is also available in the App-Store following this link: